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God’s Closet is a 501[(c)(3)] non-profit community service ministry. We collect and distribute new and gently used children's clothes, shoes, and bedding.

God's Closet
is back in 2024!

God's Closet is a Hand-me-down community for Kids clothes. We collect gently used kids clothing and run 4 'free shop days'  a year where anyone can come and fill a bag with kids clothes for a $1 donation. 


The upcoming dates for our free shop days are: 


Term 1: TBC

Term 2: TBC

Term 3: TBC

Term 4: TBC

Each family will be provided with one bag to fill with gently used kids clothing for a $1 donation. There will be a short registration form to complete on arrival. You are welcome to bring your kids with you, however please remember you are responsible for them at all times.

WHERE: The event will be held at the Charlestown Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 51 Dickinson Street Charlestown, opposite the Charlestown Swimming Pool. We will have 2 separate time slots, with clothing being refreshed for each time slot.

WHEN: You can come for either 9:30-10:30 or 10:30-11:30 time slots. 

DONATIONS WELCOMED: We are only able to supply the clothes we are donated. Please consider donating your good quality kid’s clothes, shoes, and baby bedding (new born to size 14 kids) to our Blue Donation Bin located in the church car park, or send our Facebook page a message to discuss alternate arrangement. 
Donations can also be able to be made on the day. 

'Our Free Shop Days' will be happening four times a year. Local families helping local families.

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What Do We Do?

Shopping at God's Closet is the same experience as shopping at a regular store with the exception that all our clothes are free!

You pay $1 as an entrance fee, we provide you with the bags then you are invited to enter our venue and shop. For easy shopping, donations are sorted by size and by gender.

God's Closet is for anyone. We do not ask for any type of documentation.

EVERYONE is welcomed to shop. If you are a parent and need clothes for your children (ages newborn to 14 years old) then God's Closet is for you!

We provide children’s clothes, shoes, and bedding ONLY. We do not accept or distribute any type of child-related items like car seats, toys, stuff animals, etc.

Bin Location - Multipurpose Hall.jpg
Bin Location - Multipurpose Hall.jpg

About Us

At each event we determined how many bags each family receives, this is based solely and completely on the number of donations we obtain. ‘Shoppers’ may take only the amount of bags assigned by the organization of God’s Closet at each event. Additional bags are not permitted. Every family receives the same amount of bags irrespective of the number of family members.

We are not a store; we do not maintain regular business hours. Our events happen only once every three months and that is the only time you are able to shop. Dates and times are posted right here on our Facebook page.

God’s Closet charges a $1 entrance fee to shop. The fee is per family, not per person. The fee helps us cover all the expenses incurred.

We are always in need of donations. God’s Closet is a ministry and is run by volunteers.

For further information, to donate or volunteer please contact us by email at:

- visit our website: or 

give us a call on 0411115842 or message us through Facebook.


Charlestown Seventh-day Adventist Church,

51 Dickinson Street

Charlestown, Newcastle NSW 2290

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