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Childrens' Sabbath School via                

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Our Sabbath school times run from 10am-11am every Saturday morning.

  • Any parent who is allowing their children to be viewed during the meeting MUST HAVE ALREADY given their consent to our Safe Places Coordinator, otherwise you may turn the video/camera feature off when joining the Zoom meeting to only have audio present.

  • Please treat the Zoom meeting space as well as your fellow church members with respect.

  • In tie with the Safe Places policy, please ensure that you DO NOT record the meeting session.

Lower Primary Sabbath School - CLICK HERE

Upper Primary Sabbath School/JAM - CLICK HERE


Steps for access from PC or laptop:

1.  Click on either one of the Sabbath school links at the end of this page below from your internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended) to join the Zoom meeting.

2.  You will be prompted to open up the Zoom meeting.  Follow the prompts with testing your audio and video and await for your Sabbath school leader/host to start the meeting.

Steps for access from your mobile or tablet device:

1.  Download and install the Zoom app from either the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple iOS devices).  If you are having trouble locating the download, you can download the apps from the Zoom website here - Zoom Mobile Apps

2. Once the Zoom app is installed onto your mobile or tablet device, click on either one of the Sabbath school links at the end of this page below to connect to the Zoom meeting.

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