How to setup video meetings for your church                

Steps for access from PC or laptop:

1.  Open up the following link from your internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended) - CLICK HERE

2.  You will be prompted to open up the Zoom meeting.  Follow the prompts and await for your Sabbath school leader/host to start the meeting.

Steps for access from your mobile or tablet device:

1.  Download and install the Zoom app from either the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple iOS devices).  If you are having trouble locating the download, you can download the apps from the Zoom website here - Zoom Mobile Apps

2. Once the Zoom app is installed onto your mobile or tablet device, click on the following link to connect to the Zoom meeting - CLICK HERE

In light of the recent news with public church meetings ceased during the COVID-19 outbreak, please take the following recommendation as one option you may consider for meeting with your congregation members from the comfort of your own home, whether it be for Sabbath school or your main worship service.

Hardware requirements

  • An internet connection with either broadband, NBN or 4G (for mobile devices).

  • Speakers and a microphone – Usually built-in to your computer/mobile/tablet device or via USB plug-in / wireless Bluetooth.

  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in to your computer/mobile/tablet device or USB plug-in.

  • Or a HD camera/camcorder connected via video capture card to your PC/Mac.

Software requirements

  • Either one of the Zoom software meeting plans to allow you to host an online video meeting with your church members.

    • Basic plan is free with an allowance of up to 40 minutes per meeting with one host and up to 100 participants​.  See here for more details -

    • The Pro plan is priced at $21 AUD per month but gives you a meeting duration of up to 24 hours as well as user management for assigning roles.  See here for more details -

    • Depending on your SDA conference division, they may be able to provide you with better pricing.

The Lowdown

As an alternative to Facebook Live or YouTube livestreaming, the Zoom application runs in a public space and also allows interaction from your church members without them requiring an account to be a participant, whether you use the Basic plan to create individual free accounts for each of your Sabbath school leaders to host a meeting (e.g. Primary, Juniors, Young Adult, Adults SS, etc.) or choose to pay for the Pro plan for your worship service it is a great solution to consider.

Instant meetings

The positives with the Zoom application is that once you are logged in, you receive an ID or website link under your the Profile page to use for instant meetings which can be shared onto your website or email with your colleagues, should you require to use it for a quick meeting with your worship leadership team or for an elders meeting, etc. 

Scheduled meetings

With either one of the Zoom plans, you can create scheduled video meetings for a later time a week in advance, for which you receive an invitation link which can be shared onto your website or email newsletter or social networking.  

Recordings from video meetings

Following any one of the video meetings, you can either view or download the recording into a suitable format with either MP4 video or M4A audio for you to add to your church website as well as a website link you can provide to your congregation via email or social media.

Getting Started

1.  Go to the Zoom website and sign up for a new account -  For our church we setup multiple Gmail personal accounts and assigned one for each Sabbath school department as well as one dedicated Gmail personal account to be used for worship services with the Pro pricing plan.

2.  Once logged into the Zoom web portal, go to the Profile page to obtain your Personal Meeting ID.  It will be in the form of a set of numbers as well as a website link displayed.  Copy the website link displayed and use it to add to your website/social media, etc., for instant meetings.

3.  Use the following set of paragraphs as a template to put onto your website or email, providing instruction to your church members with how to connect to the Zoom meeting.  Where the 'CLICK HERE' is noted, use it to create website links or hyperlinks with the Personal Meeting ID URL/web link as per step 2. 

4.  Test the connectivity of the Zoom app, whether you use it from your PC or mobile device as the person hosting the video meeting or as a participant joining the Zoom meeting.  Based on step 3, use your device to go to your website or email and click on the link to open Zoom for your test meeting.  Be sure to test both video and audio, that it is nice and clear.

5.  Send out the communication to your Sabbath school members or church members to inform them that you have a Zoom meeting coming up along with the necessary guidance (as per the template in step 3) and the wheels will set in motion!

If you do find any of the above going over your head, you are welcome to contact Jeremy Luchow from Charlestown SDA Church via email on who will be able to assist you.