We have two worship programs each Saturday. A small group Bible study which we call Sabbath School and the Main Service where everyone meets together. 


In both our services we sing, pray to God and collect an offering. However, we emphasize that there is no obligation for you to give an offering if you don't want to. The program is our gift to God and to you - we don't expect anything in return.

At Charlie church, Sabbath school classes are divided into the following general age groups:

  • Adults (ages 26+)

  • Youth (ages 15-25)

  • Juniors (ages 8-12)

  • Family Connexion (catering from infant age up to 7 years) with more details on the next section on this page)

Outlined below is a typical Sabbath School program for the Adults Sabbath School -

  • 9:30 - 9:45: Hot drinks and chat

  • 9:45 - 9:55: Welcome. prayer and thoughts by the host team

  • 9:55 - 10:45: Bible and lesson study - Thought provoking Bible study and discussion on the topic predetermined by the Sabbath school lesson guide booklet. This is a Bible-study guide produced every three months by the worldwide church's Sabbath School Department. Members (and visitors) are encouraged to study the lesson throughout the week and then share their thoughts during Sabbath school.

  • 10:45 - 10:55 Morning tea


The Youth Sabbath School program is an interactive Bible study based on a pre-selected topic.  They meet at the back of the main church.


Family Connexion program for the Juniors, Primary, Kindergarten and Beginners Sabbath Schools begin at 10am and involves a variety of children's worship music, Bible stories and craft.  Parents are welcome to join in with their children.